The following file formats, are supported by Awave Audio for reading (R) and / or writing (W):

Ext.R/WFormat description
3G2R+W3GPP 'project 2' file format.
3GPR+W3GPP file format.
AACR+WMPEG-2/4 Advanced Audio Coding format (ADTS container format).
AACRMPEG-2/4 Advanced Audio Coding format (ADIF container format).
AACRMPEG-2/4 Advanced Audio Coding format ('raw' format).
AC3R+WAC3 compressed audio stream.
AIFCRCompressed Audio Interchange File Format.
AIFR+WAudio Interchange File Format.
AIFFR+WAudio Interchange File Format.
ALAWR+WG.711 A-law european telephony format.
ALWR+WG.711 A-law european telephony format.
AMRR+WMIME 'AMR file storage' format.
APER+WMonkey Audio lossless compression.
ASFRActiveMovie streaming format.
ATAK??R+WSoundscape Audio-Take files.
AUR+WSun/NeXT/DEC audio files.
AVIRMicrosoft Audio Video Interleave files.
AVRRAudio Visual Research sound file.
CAFR+WApple CoreAudio file format.
CAFFR+WApple CoreAudio file format.
CDARAudio CD tracks. CD
CDRRAudio CD compatible raw data.
CODR+W3GPP 'AMR interface format 2'.
CPTR+WDTS compact compressed audio stream.
DAT12R+WDAT LP 12-bit nonlinear (IEC 61119, RFC 3190).
DIGRDigilink format.
DIGRSound Designer I files.
DSSROlympus DSS files (in 32-bit app only).
DTSR+WDTS padded compressed audio stream.
DWDR+WDiamondWare digitized files.
ESPSRESPS audio files.
F32R+WFloating point raw 32-bit IEEE data.
F64R+WFloating point raw 64-bit IEEE data.
FLACR+WFree lossless audio codec files.
G721R+WITU G.721 4-bit (32 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G721-4R+WITU G.721 4-bit (32 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G722R+WITU G.722 8-bit (64 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G722-6R+WITU G.722 6-bit (48 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G722-7R+WITU G.722 7-bit (56 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G722-8R+WITU G.722 8-bit (64 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G723R+WITU G.723 3-bit (24 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G723-3R+WITU G.723 3-bit (24 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G723-5R+WITU G.723 5-bit (40 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G726R+WITU G.726 2-bit (16 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G726-2R+WITU G.726 2-bit (16 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G726-3R+WITU G.726 3-bit (24 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G726-4R+WITU G.726 4-bit (32 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G726-5R+WITU G.726 5-bit (40 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G728R+WITU G.728 LD-CELP data.
GSMR+WRaw GSM 06.10 audio streasm.
GSMR+WRaw 'byte aligned' GSM 06.10 audio streams.
GSMR+WUS Robotics voice modems GSM w.o. header (VoiceGuide, RapidComm).
GSMR+WUS Robotics voice modems GSM w. header (QuickLink).
IFFR+WInterchange file format.
INRSRINRS-Telecommunications audio files.
L8R+WLinear 8-bit audio (RFC 1890).
L12R+WLinear 12-bit signed audio (RFC 3190).
L16R+WLinear 16-bit audio (RFC 1890).
L20R+WLinear 20-bit signed audio (RFC 3190).
L24R+WLinear 24-bit audio (RFC 3190).
M4AR+WiTunes MPEG-4 audio format.
M4RR+WiPhone ring-tone.
MATR+WMatlab variables binary files.
MKARMatroska audio file.
MKVRMatroska video file.
MOVR+WApple QuickTime movie format.
MP1RMPEG audio streams, layer I.
MP2R+WMPEG audio streams, layer II.
MP3R+WMPEG audio streams, layer III.
MP4R+WMPEG-4 base media file format.
MPARMPEG audio streams, layer I, II, 'II½' or III.
MPEGRMPEG system streams, audio+video.
MPGRMPEG system streams, audio+video.
MTSRMedia Touch Systems MPEG audio layer II.
MUSRMusifile MPEG Layer II audio stream.
NISTR+WNIST Sphere files.
NVFR+WCreative Labs Nomad voice files.
OGGR+WOgg Vorbis streams.
OPUSR+WOpus streams.
PAFR+WEnsoniq PARIS audio files.
PCMAR+WA-law format (RFC 1890).
PCMUR+Wmu-law format (RFC 1890).
PSIONRPSION a-law files.
RAWRSigned 8-bit PCM data.
RIFR+WRockwell ADPCM format (Hotfax/Quicklink).
ROCKWELL-2R+WRockwell 2-bit ADPCM data.
ROCKWELL-3R+WRockwell 3-bit ADPCM data.
ROCKWELL-4R+WRockwell 4-bit ADPCM data.
SAMRSigned 8-bit PCM files.
SBR+WSigned byte (8-bit) data.
SDR+WSound Designer I files.
SD2R+WSound Designer II flattened files.
SD2R+WSound Designer II data forks.
SDSR+WMIDI SDS sysex dump. auto
SDSRSmartSound SDS file.
SDWR+WSigned dword (32-bit) data.
SDXRSDX compacted MIDI SDS. auto
SFR+WIRCAM / MTU SoundFile format.
SFRRSonic Foundry sample resource files.
SHNR+WShorten lossless compression.
SMPRSamplevision files.
SNDR+WUnsigned 8-bit PCM data (W as .UB).
SNDRRSounder sound files.
SNDTRSndTools sound files.
SPDRSpeech data files.
SPPACKR+WSPPack sound sample.
SVXRInterchange file format.
SWR+WSigned word (16-bit) data.
TXTR+WAscii text formatted audio data.
U255LAWR+WExponential 8-bit format.
UBR+WUnsigned byte (8-bit) data.
UDWR+WUnsigned dword (32-bit) data.
ULAWR+WG.711 mu-law US telephony format.
ULWR+WG.711 mu-law US telephony format.
UWR+WUnsigned word (16-bit) data.
V8RCovox 8-bit audio.
VAGR+WSony Playstation / PS2 compressed sound files.
VAPR+WAnnotated speech files.
VM1RPanasonic voice file.
VOCR+WCreative Labs 'newer style' sound files.
VOCR+WCreative Labs 'older style' sound files.
VOXR+WDialogic 4-bit ADPCM files.
VOX-6KR+WDialogic 4-bit ADPCM files (6000 Hz).
VOX-8KR+WDialogic 4-bit ADPCM files (8000 Hz).
W64R+WSonic Foundry Wave-64 format.
WAVR+WMicrosoft wave format.
WAVR+WMicrosoft 'extensible' wave format.
WAVR+WBroadcast wave format (EBU BWF).
WAVR+WMultichannel Broadcast wave format (EBU RF64).
WMAR+WWindows Media Audio 4.
WMAR+WWindows Media Audio 9 CBR.
WMAR+WWindows Media Audio 9 ABR.
WMAR+WWindows Media Audio 9 VBR.
WMAR+WWindows Media Audio 9 Voice.
WMAR+WWindows Media Audio 9 Lossless.
WMAR+WWindows Media Audio 9 Pro CBR/ABR/VBR.
WMVRWindows Media Video file.
WVR+WWavPack lossless compression.
YADPCMR+WRaw Yamaha 4-bit ADPCM format data.

Legend of symbols used:

RIndicates support for Reading a format.
WIndicates support for Writing a format.
Indicates that the format can be auto-detected - even with the wrong extension.