ACDR  reads standard audio compact discs. Most CD-ROM & DVD hardware can be used.

The list below indicates which file formats that ACDR can write the ripped CD tracks to:

Ext.Format description
AACMPEG-2/4 Advanced Audio Coding format (ADTS container format). *
AIFAudio Interchange File Format.
AIFFAudio Interchange File Format.
APEMonkey Audio lossless compression.
CAFApple CoreAudio file format.
FLACFree lossless audio codec files. *
M4AiTunes MPEG-4 audio format. *
MOVApple QuickTime movie format. *
MP2MPEG audio streams, layer II. *
MP3MPEG audio streams, layer III. *
MP4MPEG-4 base media file format. *
MPCMusepack audio compression.
OGGVorbis Ogg streams. *
SHNShorten lossless compression.
WAVMicrosoft wave format.
WAVBroadcast wave format (EBU BWF). *
WMAWindows Media Audio 4. *
WMAWindows Media Audio 9 CBR. *
WMAWindows Media Audio 9 ABR. *
WMAWindows Media Audio 9 VBR. *
WMAWindows Media Audio 9 Voice. *
WMAWindows Media Audio 9 Lossless. *
WVWavPack lossless compression. *

* Certain compression formats requires the use of free 3rd party Add-ons.