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Runs under:  Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP.

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This software is "donationware". This is a type of freeware. It is 100% free for non-commercial use - there's no advertising, no time limit, no reg-codes, no crippled features. However, if you use and like it, then please consider making a donation here — as a "thank you", and to support its continued development.

Step 1 — Select options

Step 2 — Scan for files

There exists many kinds of temporary files, backup files, log files, cache files and other files of a similar nature that slowly eat up your hard disk space. CleanDisk will help you automate the task of removing most such unwanted files. Using a quick and easy to use process it will scan your hard disk(s) for unwanted files and then assist you in deleting them. It's as easy as that!

Predefined scan types:


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ACDR — Step 1: Select scan types

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ACDR — Step 2: Scan & Clean up files

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For non-commercial use, CleanDisk  is "donationware". This is a type of freeware — you don't have to pay for it and there's no nag boxes, no advertising, no time limit, no crippled features. However we do make this plea:   That if you use it and like it, you can make a voluntary donation — both as a "thank you", and to support the continued development of CleanDisk. It has taken a lot of time to develop this software. You decide the amount to donate!

For commercial use, please contact us and ask about low cost licensing options.

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ZD-NetZD-Net 5-star rating
5-Star Shareware:
5-Star Shareware 5-star rating!
SoftPile: Most Popular
Rated 5 stars at The File Transit
Fast Dwonload: 5 stars
ShareUp: 5 stars
Softsia: 5 stars
Soft3k 5 stars
NewFreeDownloads: 5 stars
Ivertech: 5 stars
BlueSofts 5 stars + Editor's choice
EfreeDown 5 stars
Blue Chillies: 5 Stars
More to come… :-)

What some of our users are saying:

I'm very pleased with CleanDisk after evaluating many other disk cleaning utilities. Finally I ended up with three different tools to keep my HD tidy. These could be removed after installing CleanDisk saving me 2.4 mb of HD space to start with. What I like about CleanDisk is that it's tiny, fast, flexible and that it does exactly what I expect a utility like this to do without additional features that I don't need. It's certainly worth the money!

Best regards,

William Dekker

I am very impressed with the design, functionality and simplicity of CleanDisk!

When searching my drives for garbage, your program offers me the flexibility to use any or all of your extensive predefined File Sets; add specific file extensions to those predefined File Sets, or create my own File Sets. You have covered all the possibilities.

I found the interface so friendly that I was able to safely run CleanDisk immediately after installation without the need to refer to your detailed on-line manual. In addition, your integration of CleanDisk and the Windows Recycle Bin within the CleanDisk menu is very logical and thoughtful. I've tried many other cleaning programs - Symantec/Norton Cleansweep, RemoveIt 98, Deletor, More Space, etc. - but CleanDisk is the best by far!

Dan N. Seibold - Dallas, Texas