.ATAK?? - Soundscape Audio-Take files

These files have an extension of .ATAK1A through .ATAK4D where the two last letters indicate which disk the file came from (when saving files, this program will always use an extension of .ATAK1A).

Please note that these files are mono only - the hardware will use two mono files when for stereo playback.

Awave Audio only: If you want to convert a stereo file to two mono files, then select "Dual files 'L+R'" under "Channel format" on the "Select output options" page (the default "Auto detect" setting will produce a merged mono file). If you want to convert a stereo-pair of files to another format, then first open the left channel file on the "Select input files". If the file name ends with " L" and there exists a corresponding " R" file, then the program will automatically prompt you if you want to combine it with a right channel file. Otherwise, tight click on the file that now shows up in the input list and select "Combine two mono files for stereo output" and now select the right channel file.


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