.KIT - Native Instruments Battery v1 drum-kit files

Note that each 'pad' is read as a separate instrument. If you'd rather have all of them as a single 'drum kit' instrument then use the 'Instrument processing wizard's Merge all into a single multi-layered instrument command. Conversely, you can use the Split drum kit into multiple melodic instruments to go from a single 'drum kit' to multiple instruments...
When writing, the regions of the first layers in each instrument are assigned to 'pads' (any regions in additional layers are also to create multi-layered pads, but it the one in the first layer that sets the 'pattern' and controls the pad assignment.).The very first region in the layer of each instrument is the first choice to be assigned to a pad. After that any further regions in the first layers are assigned. Note that a maximum of 54 pads are available. The instrument program number, if in the range 0..53, determines the pad number for the first region that it contains. After that they are assigned to the first unoccupied pad that the program finds.
This 'scheme' preserves the pad assignments and pad names when opening, editing, and resaving a .KIT file.


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