.KMP - Korg Kronos / M3 / M50 / Triton / Triton LE / Trinity keymap file

P> A .KMP file contains a 'multisample' for the Korg Kronos, M3, M50, Triton, Triton LE or Trinity - corresponding to a 'layer' in this program. It references one or more KSF files containing individual waveforms.

Note that each synth can load KMP files made for its predecessor(s), but there are some minor differences between the files made for the respective synths. E.g. only M3 Xpanded can handle interleaved stereo waves.

Also see Korg Kronos PCG, M3 PCG, M50 PCG, Triton PCG, Triton LE PCG, Trinity PCG, and KSF files.


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