.PGM - AKAI MPC 1000/2000XL/2000/2500/3000 drum set files

Please note that the MPC-1000, the MPC-2000, the MPC-2000XL and the MPC-3000 all use different program formats although they all have the same .PGM extension. Only the MPC-2500 use the same format as the MPC-1000. Well, actually the MPC-2000 and MPC-2000XL both use the same PGM file format, but the latter (like the MPC-1000/2500) wants samples in .WAV format, while the former wants them in .SND format (like the MPC-3000). The WAV files written will be slightly smaller than when you write directly to a WAV file in this software - it has been reported that the MPC-1000 and 2000XL can be rather picky about the WAV files, so all 'unnecessary' extra information (comments et c) that is normally written will be omitted in order to produce as 'basic' a WAV file as possible.


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