.SF2 - EMU SoundFont v2.x banks

SoundFont 2 files were originally created using EMUs Vienna 2 editor, which used the following terminalogy:

* Vienna instruments may contain zones with overlapping key-ranges, in which case they will be read in as more than one layer.

There are currently three revisions of the SoundFont 2 specification - v2.00, v2.01 and v2.04. They are bi-directionally compatible, i.e. a v2.04 file will be read just fine by a v2.00 application (although it will ignore any newer features) and vice versa. Here's what's different between the revisions:

Awave Studio will write v2.01 files if you select 'PCM 16-bit' as data format, or v2.04 files if you select 'PCM 24-bit' as data format. Note it is not possible to mix data formats - if you want one waveform to be stored as 24-bit, then all other waveforms in the same SoundFont file will have also have to be stored as 24-bit.


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