.SYX/.MID - Roland MT-32 (and compatibles) timbre SysEx dumps
.ROM - Roland MT-32 / CM32L / LAPC-1 PCM ROM dump

This program can read the SysEx timbre dumps of these Roland LA-synthesis synths (Roland MT-32, CM32L, LAPC-1) and convert them into synthesis models that can be played using the built in Awave synthesizer. For this to work with the original PCM waves, you need to have a memory dump of the PCM ROM chip from one of these synths (which contains all of the waveform data that is necessary to use the instruments). If you also have a memory dump of the control ROM chip, then the the factory timbres can also be read and converted to synthesis models. To get hold of these ROM dumps you either need to own one of these synths and have the tools and knowledge of how to read the data off the chips, or you may find some other way to get hold of the files named "MT32_PCM.ROM" and "MT32_CONTROL.ROM", alternatively "CM32L_PCM.ROM" and "CM32L_CONTROL.ROM" (but don't ask us for them - for obvious reasons we can't supply them!). Alternatively, you can supply replacement sounds as .wav files.

Timbre dumps can be either raw 'SysEx dump extracts' (most common and usually with .SYX extension), or Standard MIDI files (.MID) containing SysEx data (the latter will be read as any other MIDI file, then the MIDI tracks will be parsed to find any compatible timbre dumps).


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