.SYX/.MID - Roland D-50 patch SysEx dumps
.BIN - Roland D-50 VST sound banks
.ROM - Roland D-50 PCM ROM dump

This program can read the SysEx patch dumps of the Roland D-50 LA-synthesis synth, as well as the sound banks of the D-50 VST, and convert them into synthesis models that can be played using the built in Awave synthesizer. Note that many of these instruments makes use of ROM waveforms, which for obvious reasons we can not supply. If you so happen to have a memory dump of the two PCM ROM chips (either as two separate files, or as a combined 512KB lage file "D50_PCM.ROM"), then these can be read. Alternatively, you can supply relacement sounds as .wav files.

See further the related info on the MT-32 format.


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