Awave Studio can read and/or write a huge number of file formats as indicated by the list below. The listed file extension is the one most commonly used - but usually the program can correctly determine the file format even if the file extension is wrong.

Ext.R/WFormat description
32RRaw Yamaha DX7 32-voice data.
3G2R+W3GPP 'project 2' file format. *
3GPR+W3GPP file format. *
404R+WMuon DS404 bank file.
404R+WMuon DS404 patch file.
669R669 modules.
AACR+WMPEG-2/4 Advanced Audio Coding format (ADTS container format). *
AACRMPEG-2/4 Advanced Audio Coding format (ADIF container format). *
AACRMPEG-2/4 Advanced Audio Coding format ('raw' format). *
ADSRSony Playstation 2 sound file.
AIFCRCompressed Audio Interchange File Format.
AIFR+WAudio Interchange File Format.
AIFFR+WAudio Interchange File Format.
AISRVelvet Studio instrument.
AKAIRAKAI S-series floppy disk image file.
AKPR+WAKAI S-5000/S-6000 programs.
ALAWR+WG.711 A-law european telephony format.
ALWR+WG.711 A-law european telephony format.
AMRR+WMIME 'AMR file storage' format.
AMSRExtreme Tracker modules.
AMSRVelvet Studio modules.
APER+WMonkey Audio losslessly compressed file.
APEXRAVM Sample Studio bank file.
ARLRAureal 'Aspen' bank file.
ASERVelvet Studio sample.
ASFRActiveMovie streaming format.
ATAK??R+WSoundscape Audio-Take file.
AUR+WSun/NeXT/DEC audio file.
AVIRMicrosoft Audio Video Interleave file.
AVRRAudio Visual Research sound file.
BINRRoland D-50 VST sound bank.
BN4RYamaha DX21 / DX27 / DX100 voice SysEx dump.
BNKRYamaha DX21 / DX27 / DX100 voice SysEx dump.
BNKRYamaha DX11 / TX81z voice SysEx dump.
BNKRAd Lib bank.
BWFRBroadcast wave file.
C01RTyphoon wave file.
CAFR+WApple CoreAudio file format.
CAFFR+WApple CoreAudio file format.
CDARAudio CD tracks. CD
CDRRAudio CD compatible raw data.
CMFRCreative Labs music file.
CODR+W3GPP 'AMR interface format 2'.
DCMRDCM modules.
DEWFRSoundCap/SoundEdit instrument.
DIGRDigilink format.
DIGRSound Designer I file.
DLPRDirectMusic Producer DLS file.
DLSR+WDownLoadable Sounds level 1.
DLSR+WDownLoadable Sounds level 2/2+/2++.
DLSRMobile DLS file.
DMFRDelusion/XTracker digital music format.
DR8R+WFXpansion DR-008 drumkits.
DRORDOSBox Raw OPL format.
DSFRDelusion/XTracker sample format.
DSMRDigital Sound Module format.
DSPRESETR+WDecent Sampler preset.
DSSROlympus DSS file (in 32-bit app only). *
DTMRDigiTrekker modules.
DWDR+WDiamondWare digitized file.
DVD-16-44RRaw ripped DVD LPCM audio format.
DVD-16-48RRaw ripped DVD LPCM audio format.
DVD-16-96RRaw ripped DVD LPCM audio format.
DVD-16-192RRaw ripped DVD LPCM audio format.
DVD-24-44RRaw ripped DVD LPCM audio format.
DVD-24-48RRaw ripped DVD LPCM audio format.
DVD-24-96RRaw ripped DVD LPCM audio format.
DVD-24-192RRaw ripped DVD LPCM audio format.
DX7RYamaha DX7 voice SysEx dump.
DX7RRaw Yamaha DX7 32-voice data.
EDAREnsoniq ASR-10 disk image. FD CD
EDEREnsoniq EPS disk image. FD CD
EDKREnsoniq KT disk image.
EDMREnsoniq Mirage disk image.
EDQREnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 disk image.
EDVREnsoniq VFX-SD disk image.
EFAREnsoniq ASR-10 instrument file. FD CD
EFER+WEnsoniq EPS instrument file. FD CD
EFKREnsoniq KT instrument file.
EFQREnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 instrument file.
EFSREnsoniq SQ80 instrument file.
EFVREnsoniq VFX-SD instrument file.
EMBREverest embedded bank file.
EMDRABT extended modules.
EMYR+WEMelody Ericsson mobile ring-tone format.
ESPSRESPS audio file.
EUIREnsoniq EPS family compacted disk image.
EXSR+WLogic EXS24 instrument.
F2RRFarandole linear module format.
F3RRFarandole blocked linear module format.
F32R+WFloating point raw 32-bit IEEE data.
F64R+WFloating point raw 64-bit IEEE data.
FARRFarandole module.
FFFRGravis UltraSound PnP bank file.
FLACR+WFree lossless audio codec file. *
FNKRFunkTracker modules.
FORR+WKurzweil Forte files.
FSBRFMOD SoundSystem sound bank.
FSMRFarandole sample format.
FZBR+WCasio FZ-1 bank dump format.
FZFR+WCasio FZ-1 full dump format.
FZVR+WCasio FZ-1 voice dump format.
G01RYamaha SY85 all file.
G721R+WG.721 4-bit (32 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G722R+WITU G.722 ADPCM format data.
G722-6R+WITU G.722 6-bit (48 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G722-7R+WITU G.722 7-bit (56 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G722-8R+WITU G.722 8-bit (64 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G723R+WG.723 3/5-bit ADPCM format data.
G723-3R+WG.723 3-bit (24 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G723-5R+WG.723 5-bit (40 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G726R+WG.726 2/3/4/5-bit ADPCM format data.
G726-2R+WG.726 2-bit (16 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G726-3R+WG.726 3-bit (24 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G726-4R+WG.726 4-bit (32 kbps) ADPCM format data.
G726-5R+WG.726 5-bit (40 kbps) ADPCM format data.
GDMRBells, Whistles, Sound Boards modules.
GI!RGigaStudio/GigaSampler file - Split over multiple CD-ROMs.
GIGR+WGigaStudio/GigaSampler file - Normal.
GIGR+WGigaStudio/GigaSampler file - Compressed.
GKHREnsoniq EPS family disk image file. FD CD
GSMR+WRaw GSM 06.10 audio streasm.
GSMR+WRaw 'byte aligned' GSM 06.10 audio stream.
GSMR+WUS Robotics voice modems GSM w.o. header (VoiceGuide, RapidComm).
GSMR+WUS Robotics voice modems GSM w. header (QuickLink).
HCOMRSound Tools HCOM format.
HDRSony PS2 SCEI instrument set.
IBKRCreative Labs FM bank.
IFFR+WInterchange file format.
IMFRid Software Music Format (560 Hz).
IMYR+WiMelody mobile phone ring-tone format.
INIR+WGravis UltraSound.ini bank setup.
INIRIBM MWave DSP synthesizer bank setup.
INRSRINRS-Telecommunications audio file.
INSREnsoniq EPS family instrument file.
INSRAd Lib instrument.
INSR+WSample Cell II Mac instrument.
INSR+WSample Cell II PC instrument.
INSWCakewalk instrument definition file.
ISORSampler CD image.
ISORISO-9660 CD image.
ISTRDigitrakker instrument.
ITRImpulse Tracker modules.
ITIR+WImpulse Tracker instrument.
ITSR+WImpulse Tracker sample.
K25RKurzweil K2500 file. CD
K26RKurzweil K2600 file. CD
KAWAI12R+WKAWAI R50/R50E/R50III/R100 ROM-dump.
KDTRKonami KDT1 song.
KFTRKorg T-series waves.
KITR+WNative instrument Batter v1 drum-kit file.
KMPR+WKorg Triton keymap file.
KMPR+WKorg Trinity keymap file.
KMPR+WKorg M3 keymap file.
KMPR+WKorg Kronos keymap file.
KR1R+WKurzweil K2000/K2500/K2600 split file. CD
KRZR+WKurzweil K2000 file (also K2500 & K2600). CD
KSCR+WKorg Triton script file.
KSCR+WKorg Trinity script file.
KSCR+WKorg M3 script file.
KSCR+WKorg Kronos script file.
KSFR+WKorg Triton sample file.
KSFR+WKorg Trinity sample file.
KSFR+WKorg M3 sample file.
KSFR+WKorg Kronos sample file.
M4AR+WiTunes MPEG-4 audio format. *
M4RR+WiPhone ring-tone. *
MAPR+WNative instrument Reaktor wavetable file - Embedded waves.
MAPR+WNative instrument Reaktor wavetable file - Linked waves.
MATR+WMatlab variables binary file.
MAUDRMAUD sample format.
MDLRDigitrakker modules.
MEDROctaMED modules.
MIDR+WStandard MIDI file.
MIDRRoland D-50 patch SysEx dump.
MIDRRoland MT-32 (and compatibles) timbre SysEx dump.
MIDRYamaha DX7 voice SysEx dump.
MIDRYamaha DX7s / DX7II / DX200 voice SysEx dump.
MIDRYamaha DX21 / DX27 / DX100 voice SysEx dump.
MIDRYamaha DX11 / TX81z voice SysEx dump.
MKARMatroska audio file.
MKVRMatroska video file.
MLDRMFi/MFi2 songs a.k.a. i-Melody a.k.a. Melody Format for i-Mode.
MLSRMiles Sound System compressed DLS file.
MMFRSMAF songs, 'Synthetic Music Mobile Application Format'.
MODRModule file.
MOVRApple QuickTime movie format. *
MP1RMPEG audio stream, layer I.
MP2R+WMPEG audio stream, layer II. *
MP3R+WMPEG audio stream, layer III. *
MP4R+WMPEG-4 base media file format. *
MPARMPEG audio stream, layer I, II, 'II½' or III.
MPCR+WMusepack audio compression (in 32-bit app only).
MPEGRMPEG system stream, audio+video.
MPGRMPEG system stream, audio+video.
MSSR+WMiles Sound System DLS 1 + XMI file.
MT2RMadTracker 2 modules.
MTIR+WMadTracker 2 instrument.
MTMRMultiTracker modules.
MUSRDoom/Heretic music file.
MUSR+WMusifile MPEG Layer II audio stream.
MUS10RMus10 audio file.
NCWRNative Instrument Kontakt Compressed Wave.
NISTRNIST Sphere file.
NKBR+WNative Instrument Kontakt Bank.
NKIR+WNative Instrument Kontakt Instrument.
NKMR+WNative Instrument Kontakt Multi.
NSMPPROJR+WNord Sample Editor 4 project file.
NVFR+WCreative Labs Nomad voice file.
O01RTyphoon voice file.
OGGR+WVorbis Ogg stream. *
OKTROktalyzer modules.
OPUSR+WOpus audio stream. *
OSPR+WOrion Sampler programs.
OUTRRoland S-5xx series floppy image (S-50,S-51,S-330,W-30,S-500,S-550). CD FD
OUTRRoland S-7xx series floppy image (S-70,S-700,S-750,S-760,S-770,S-772). CD FD
PRAKAI S900/S950 programs. CD
PR+WAKAI S1000/S1100/S01 program. CD
PR+WAKAI S3000/S3200/S2000/S2800 program. CD
P1RAKAI S1000/S1100/S01 program.
P3RAKAI S3000/S3200/S2000/S2800 program.
P3KR+WKurzweil PC3K files.
PACRSB Studio II package file.
PAFR+WEnsoniq PARIS audio file.
PATR+WGravis Ultrasound GF1 patch file.
PBFRTurtle Beach Pinnacle bank file.
PCGR+WKorg Trinity bank file.
PCGR+WKorg Triton bank file.
PCGR+WKorg Triton LE bank file.
PCGR+WKorg M3 bank file.
PCGR+WKorg M50 bank file.
PCGR+WKorg Kronos bank file.
PCMRKorg PA-series sample file.
PCMROKI MSM6376 synth chip PCM format.
PGMR+WAKAI MPC-1000 drum set file + .WAV file.
PGMR+WAKAI MPC-2000XL drum set file + .WAV file.
PGMR+WAKAI MPC-2000 drum set file + .SND file.
PGMR+WAKAI MPC-3000 drum set file + .SND file.
PLMRDisorderTracker2 modules.
PLSRDisorderTracker2 sample.
PPFRTurtle Beach Pinnacle program file.
PRGRWAVmaker program.
PSBRTurtle Beach Pinnacle sound bank.
PSIONRPSION a-law file.
PSMRProtracker Studio modules.
PTMRPoly Tracker modules.
RAWRealAudio file (in 32-bit app only). *
RAWRSigned 8-bit PCM data.
RAWRRdos Raw OPL capture format.
RIFRRockwell ADPCM format (Hotfax/Quicklink).
ROCKWELLR+WRockwell 2/3/4-bit ADPCM data.
ROCKWELL-2R+WRockwell 2-bit ADPCM data.
ROCKWELL-3R+WRockwell 3-bit ADPCM data.
ROCKWELL-4R+WRockwell 4-bit ADPCM data.
ROLRAdLib Visual Composer songs.
ROMRRoland D-50 PCM ROM dump.
ROMRRoland MT-32 / CM32L / LAPC-1 PCM ROM dump.
SR+WAKAI S900/950 sample.
SR+WAKAI S1000/S1100/S01 sample. CD
SR+WAKAI S3000/S3200/S2000/S2800 sample. CD
S1RAKAI S1000/S1100/S01 sample.
S3RAKAI S3000/S3200/S2000/S2800 sample.
S1ARYamaha EX5 'all' format.
S1MR+WYamaha EX5 'waveforms' format.
S1VR+WYamaha EX5 'voices' format.
S3IR+WScreamTracker v3 instrument.
S3MRScreamTracker v3 modules.
S3PR+WAKAI MESA II/PC S-series program.
SAMRSigned 8-bit PCM file.
SBR+WSigned byte (8-bit) data.
SBIRCreative Labs FM Instrument.
SBKR+WEMU SoundFont v1.x bank.
SC2R+WSample Cell II PC/Mac instrument.
SDR+WSound Designer I file.
SD2R+WSound Designer II flattened file.
SD2R+WSound Designer II data forks.
SDKRRoland S-5xx series floppy disk image (S-50, S-51, S-330, W-30, S-500, S-550). CD FD
SDKRRoland S-7xx series floppy disk image (S-70, S-700, S-750, S-760, S-770, S-772). CD FD
SDSR+WMIDI SDS sysex dump.
SDSRSmartSound SDS file.
SDWRSigned dword (32-bit) data.
SEQR+WSony Playstation MIDI sequences.
SFR+WIRCAM / MTU SoundFile format.
SF2R+WEMU SoundFont v2.x bank.
SF3R+WCompressed SoundFont bank.
SF2PACKRMIDI Converter Studio packed Sound Font.
SFARKRMelody Machine Compressed SoundFonts.
SFDRSoundStage sound data file.
SFIRSoundStage sound info file.
SFRRSonic Foundry sample resource file.
SFZR+Wrgc:audio SFZ v1 instrument.
SFZR+WCakewalk SFZ v2 instrument.
SHNR+WShorten lossless compression.
SMDRJ-Phone / SmdEd mobile songs.
SMPRSamplevision file.
SMPRAd Lib Gold sample.
SMPRAvalon sample.
SNDR+WUnsigned 8-bit PCM data (W as .UB).
SNDR+WAKAI MPC-60/2000/2000XL/3000 sample file.
SNDRRSounder sound file.
SNDTRSndTools sound file.
SOURSB Studio II sound file.
SPDRSpeech data file.
SPLRDigitrakker sample.
SPPACKR+WSPPack sound sample.
SQRSony PS2 SCEI sequence.
SS2RSony Playstation 2 sound file.
STMRScreamTracker v2 modules.
STSR+WCreamware STS-series sampler programs.
SVQRRoland sequencer file.
SVXRInterchange file format.
SWR+WSigned word (16-bit) data.
SXTR+WPropellerheads Reason NN-XT format.
SYXRRoland D-50 patch SysEx dump.
SYXRRoland MT-32 (and compatibles) timbre SysEx dump.
SYXRYamaha DX7 voice SysEx dump.
SYXRYamaha DX7s / DX7II / DX200 voice SysEx dump.
SYXRYamaha DX21 / DX27 / DX100 voice SysEx dump.
SYXRYamaha DX11 / TX81z voice SysEx dump.
T01RYamaha SY99 all file.
TVDR+WYamaha Tyros 2 custom drum voice file.
TVNR+WYamaha Tyros 2 custom voice file.
TXBANKR+WCwitec TX16Wx bank.
TXPROGR+WCwitec TX16Wx program.
TXTWAscii text parameter descriptions.
TXTR+WAscii text formatted audio data.
TXTR+WRTTTL / Nokring mobile ring-tone format.
TXTR+WSteinberg LM-4 bank.
U255LAWR+WExponential 8-bit format.
UAXRUnreal Tournament audio packages.
UASSETRUnreal Engine SoundWave asset.
UBR+WUnsigned byte (8-bit) data.
UDWRUnsigned dword (32-bit) data.
UMXRUnreal Tournament music package.
ULAWR+WG.711 mu-law US telephony format.
ULTRUltraTracker modules.
ULWR+WG.711 mu-law US telephony format.
UNIRMikMod 'UniMod' format.
UVDR+WYamaha Tyros 3 custom drum voice file.
UVNR+WYamaha Tyros 3 custom voice file.
UWR+WUnsigned word (16-bit) data.
UWFRUltraTracker wave file.
V8RCovox 8-bit audio.
VABR+WSony Playstation / PS2 bank file.
VAGR+WSony Playstation / PS2 compressed sound file.
VAPR+WAnnotated speech file.
VM1RPanasonic voice file.
VOCR+WCreative Labs 'newer style' sound file.
VOCR+WCreative Labs 'older style' sound file.
VOXR+WDialogic 4-bit ADPCM file.
VOXRTalking Technology Incorporated file.
VOX-6KR+WDialogic 4-bit ADPCM file (6000 Hz).
VOX-8KR+WDialogic 4-bit ADPCM file (8000 Hz).
VSBRVirtual Sampler Bank file.
W01R+WYamaha TX16W wave file.
W01R+WYamaha SY99 wave file.
W2ARYamaha Motif 'all' format.
W2VR+WYamaha Motif 'voices' format.
W2WR+WYamaha Motif 'waveforms' format.
W3ARYamaha Motif waveforms.
W3VR+WYamaha Motif waveforms.
W3WR+WYamaha Motif waveforms.
W4KSNDR+WWusik 4000 instrument.
W7ARYamaha Motif ES 'all' format.
W7VR+WYamaha Motif ES 'voices' format.
W7WR+WYamaha Motif ES 'waveforms' format.
W8ARYamaha Motif ES waveforms.
W8VR+WYamaha Motif ES waveforms.
W8WR+WYamaha Motif ES waveforms.
W64R+WSonic Foundry Wave-64 format.
WAVR+WMicrosoft wave format.
WAVRBroadcast wave format (EBU BWF).
WA!R+WGigaStudio/GigaSampler compressed wave file.
WFBRTurtle Beach WaveFront bank format.
WFDRTurtle Beach WaveFront drum set format.
WFPRTurtle Beach WaveFront program format.
WLFRid Software Music Format (700 Hz).
WMAR+WWindows Media Audio 4. *
WMAR+WWindows Media Audio 9 CBR. *
WMAR+WWindows Media Audio 9 ABR. *
WMAR+WWindows Media Audio 9 VBR. *
WMAR+WWindows Media Audio 9 Voice. *
WMAR+WWindows Media Audio 9 Lossless. *
WMAR+WWindows Media Audio 9 Pro CBR/ABR/VBR. *
WMVRWindows Media Video file.
WRFR+WWestacott WinRanX instrument file.
WRKRCakeWalk work file.
WUSIKSNDR+WWusikstation sound file.
WUSIKPACKRWusikstation pack file.
WVR+WWavPack losslessly compressed file.
X0ARYamaha Motif XS 'all' format.
X0VR+WYamaha Motif XS 'voices' format.
X0WR+WYamaha Motif XS 'waveforms' format.
X3ARYamaha Motif XF 'all' format.
X3VR+WYamaha Motif XF 'voices' format.
X3WR+WYamaha Motif XF 'waveforms' format.
XDBR+WDream SND5000 bank.
XDDR+WDream SND5000 drum set.
XDIR+WDream SND5000 instrument.
XIR+WFastTracker 2 instrument.
XMRFastTracker 2 extended modules.
XMIR+WMiles Sound System extended MIDI file.
XPMR+WAKAI new MPC-line — X/One/Live/Beats/et c.
YADPCMR+WRaw Yamaha 4-bit ADPCM format data.
???RYamaha A3000 sample file.
*RUnrecognized file types (prompts user to supply info). ()

Legend of symbols used:

RIndicates support for Reading a format.
WIndicates support for Writing a format.
Indicates that the format can be auto-detected.
Indicates that you can save collections to this format.
Indicates that you can save instruments to this format.
Indicates that you can save waveforms to this format.
Indicates that you can save MIDI songs to this format.
CDIndicates that the synth uses a proprietary CD-ROM format.
FDIndicates that the synth uses a proprietary floppy-disk format.
Indicates that the format may use a 'Synthesis model' other than wavetable synthesis.
*Indicates that a free 3rd party add-on are needed for reading and/or writing compressed data.

Note:   Some synthesizers use disk formats and file systems that are not recognized by Windows. The program can still read many of them by communicating directly with the hardware.
For more on this, see the list of special I/O formats!

Note:   You can also save MIDI songs and/or tracks to any format with the symbol in list below - in this case, the program will automatically render a recording from the note data!

Note:   Also supported are several formats using other synthesis models, more specifically Phase modulation synthesis (a.k.a. Yamaha FM-synthesis) and an Additive synthesis hybrid (a.k.a. Roland LA-synthesis). Such file formats are marked with in the list.